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The objectives of IIPC are to Internship and Counseling Assistance, Connecting and Linking, Continuous Improvement. Deliver career coaching/advising/counseling services in association with industry/alumni mentors, through a range of approaches including group appointments; workshops and other programs, organized by IIPC in association with Placement Office, PSG Tech Alumni Association and PSG STEP. Serve as liaison between students, professors who are working on current national relevant issues as well as the industries that are willing to collaborate in addressing these challenges.


The Multidisciplinary Research Teams associated with IIPC,PSG Tech

Centre for Waste Management

We identify research problems / challenges in the Waste Management Industry and use the knowledge / expertise of our team to develop suitable, implementable and sustainable solutions. The Centre would also facilitate conduct of industry conclaves to generate know-how on available technologies in Waste Management

Centre for Aids in Rehabilitation

The Centre works towards development of aids in rehabilitation of Mobility, Cognitive and other disorders. The technology development would focus on improvements in design, comfort and cost-effectiveness over existing products in market

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